Printemps Musical de Mouans Sartoux

Le Band' a fait partie de la programmation de la 22ème édition du Printemps Musical de Mouans-Sartoux !!


Le groupe a eu le plaisir de vous présenter ses nouveaux morceaux pour la première fois au cours d'un live aux accents fleuris et tamisés, mais plus rock que jamais!


Merci d'avoir été présents et d'avoir profité de tous les spectacles musicaux qui vous ont été proposés!   


Suture Obsession en show live Radio !

Le mardi 2 mai, le Band Suture a été l'invité de la célèbre émission "L'Oreille Qui Gratte" sur AGORA FM !


Le Band a répondu aux questions des animateurs et a effectué un show acoustique spécial pour l'occasion!


Retrouvez cette session sur le site officiel de "l'Oreille Qui Gratte" :

ou sur You Tube 


Suture Obsession en 1ère partie de OUTBLINKER !

Le 22 novembre 2016 au Monster's Art à Fréjus, le Band Suture  a eu l'honneur d'ouvrir les festivités pour le groupe de Glasgow OUTBLINKER !!


En tournée européenne, les écossais d'OUTBLINKER ont présenté leur nouvel album "The Remains Of Walter Peck" en écoute ICI



Événement pour la sortie de Pledging Snow Out !!

Suture Obsession a présenté son nouvel album "Pledging Snow Out" le vendredi 13 mai au Monster'S Art de Fréjus !!  


Le Band Suture  s'est produit une énième fois dans cet antre du Rock lors d'un show exceptionnel!!


Merci à tous nos fans d'être venus si nombreux pour cet instant unique !!!


Monster'S Art : 374 rue Rudolf Diesel à Fréjus

The Sluggish Section (official)

            1st single Everything Begins Elsewhere album

Interview & Live session on ZEROSIX RADIO !

Suture Obsession will be on stage this monday 4th on ZEROSIX RADIO !!

 The band is invited in the radio show for an interview, a musical game and to speak about the "Pledging Snow Out" album coming soon...

But the best of the show will be the live session while Suture Obsession will play 6 live songs for the audience!!

Plug in & listen !!

Pledging Snow Out (new edition)

The new edition of the first album « Pledging Snow Out » is nearly finished !


Under the direction of David Guigonis of Studios GMS, the few sound adjustments are going really well and a touch of magic will allow us to give birth to this opus ...just exceptional !!

To keep you waiting, you can listen to « The Acromatic Box» just click here or in the section «audio »

New album available !

Everything Begins Elsewhere

The second album of the band was completed beginning of 2014.


«Everything Begins Elsewhere» was successful and is still largely broadcast by Mr Mick MERCER ( writer, rock critic and journalist) in the United Kingdom in his show on the radio in England.


His critics praise this opus as being « a brillant album of quality » as well as « a timeless work in which each title conjures up a peculiar atmosphere »


To listen to The Sluggish Section, 1st single extract from the album, please click here

Private shows in Cannes

In total 4 show cases during which Evan and Chris performed in our partner Gallery of Art ASSOMARTI where the painter Christine HERDT exhibited her works of art.

Don't hesitate to visit this beautiful gallery of art « L'Atelier », situated at 11 14 juillet street in Cannes from 4pm. Open to the public and free entry.

Suture Obsession supports Stoïc Drama !!

Our friends from Belfort, the trio Stoïc Drama comes back to the front stage with their excellent new EP "Too Late".

From recording studio to concerts, and radio events, Stoïc Drama has built up a nice reputation and they deserve your support !

You can visit them just here !

Vidéos / Musique




WMC - Cannes 06/2012

Valbonne Médiathèque 06/2012

Session Radio AGORA FM 06/2012

Valbonne Bermond 07/07/2012

Werkstatt - Berlin 09/2012

Officio Bar - Milan 05/2013

Festival International Festin'Val 09/2013

Théoule 06/2014

Valbonne Bermond 07/2014

Festival International Festin'Val 09/2014

Showcase à "l'Atelier" Cannes 22/05/2015

Showcase à "l'Atelier" Cannes 23/05/2015

Showcase à "l'Atelier" Cannes 24/05/2015

Showcase à "l'Atelier" Cannes 21/06/2015

Monster'Art - Fréjus 21/08/2015

Festival International Festin'Val 20/09/2015

Session Live RadioZeroSix 04/01/2016

Monster'Art - Fréjus 09/04/2016

(en Acoustique et en 1ère partie des Korrigans)

Monster'Art - Fréjus 13/05/2016

Monster's Art - Fréjus 22/11/2016

(open live for Outblinker / Scotland)

Monster's Art - Fréjus 08/04/2017 

Session Live Radio Agora FM - Grasse 2/05/2017

22ème Printemps Musical Mouans Sartoux 12/05/2018








Biography & Story :

Suture Obsession  was really born end of 2011 with Evan Schroydehr (singer and various instrument player) as founding member .

With the help of David Guigonis from Studio GMS, Evan recorded several songs (for instance "A Different Sunset") and performed alone in show cases and on the radio.

Christophe Grange (guitar player and singer in the duo Miss Pic) got on board in 2012 and the duo embarked upon wilder and wilder live performances.

Later, the duo was joined on stage by the drum player Thierry Lespinasse, nicknamed Titi (drums in the band "Tikiis").

In 2013, the line up of the group evolved with the joining of two members from the band "Tsidii Black", the guitar player Fred Mainardi and the drum player "Master Percussive" Fred Jousset, with Thierry Lespinasse as gifted back up still part of the group.

With proven experience of recordings in studio and of live performances, Suture Obsession has just released its second album "Everything Begins Elsewhere" encensed by English critics and the new album "Pledging Snow Out" is a local and artistic success !

During the summer 2016, Fred Mainardi left the band to concentrate in other artistic and musical projects, as his band Moon River.

The projects of studio recordings are coming up from all directions and so are the concerts and the wildly excited band is working hard in order to offer its audience and its fans a real musical trip in which all the atmospheres and ambiences will always be in tune with the music.


Suture Obsession is :

Evan Schroydehr :

Singer / Bass & Guitars / Keyboards / Drums / ...

Christophe Grange :

Singer / Guitars / Drums / Keyboards / ...


Additional member :

Thierry Lespinasse

Suture Obsession in the video clip "The Sluggish Section"